Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year

                                 So thankful I get start a New Year with these precious kiddos!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So, my little man was born...

My little guy decided to come three days earlier than his due date. I was doing everything, walking, vacuuming, running up and down the stairs, anything to jump start his arrival. It was a Tuesday night, and I had just gone to the doctor earlier that afternoon and had set an inducement for Thursday morning. So, I had not packed my bags or gone to the grocery store to stock up for the kids and for Nana, because that was my plan for Wednesday. Well, the Lord had other plans for me and Stone.
I went to bed around 10:45pm thinking my water might be breaking, but my loving husband reassured me that I was fine and to just get some rest. He was exhausted and was out like a light. I on the other hand, just really knew something was different. But, I listened to my husband, turned out the lights, laid my head on the pillow and POP, my water broke.
Have you ever seen that movie, Father of the Bride part II and Steve Martin took two sleeping pills and could barely get awake, well, that was my husband. He instantly panicked! His bag was not packed, nor was mine. He got himself completely ready, while I on the other hand could not move for fluid gushing out of me. And to top it all off, my doctor was an hour drive away. I had been praying that if I should go into labor that it would be late in the evening hours where there was no rush hour traffic. Praise the Lord for He is good! His timing is PERFECT!
With all this said, we made an hour trip in less than 30 minutes. We were not sure if "little man" would be fast or slow in his arrival. Got to the hospital, only to sit and wait, still gushing fluid, then to sit patiently and fill out paper work. Okay, I registered on line, what is all this paper work. The nurse said it is standard. That was a joke!!!!!
So, I am finally checked in. No pain and irregular contractions. I rested through the night and waited to see my doctor the next morning. I had dilated to  4cm, but slowly. Up the pitocin and in the epidural. Just like that, I am on my way to seeing my little boy. I could hardly wait! The time came quickly and I was a 10. It's time....did not even have to push. He basically slid out and I got to catch him and lay him on my chest.
AWWWWWW......I was in love from that moment!